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PSTAT Mobile App by Butterfly Culture
Chetan Banandur is an Entrepreneur and a seasoned tech professional with over a decade of experience in technology and over 250 + tech Product building experience. He is currently the CEO & Founder of Butterfly Culture a boutique Product Engineering Studio in Bangalore and Cannada. 

PSTAT - Pocket Electrochemistry

PSTAT Is a Bluetooth-based Pocket Electrochemisty Potentiostat Android app, used by Students to perform various Electrochemical experiments.

Features :

- Sign in /Login With Google. User basic Profile information such as Full name, Email ID, and Profile Picture is derived to personalize the app.

- Perform Electro Chemical Experiments. ie. Cyclic Voltammetry, Linear Voltammetry, Chronoamperometric, etc...

-Experiments PDF resources.

- Connect with the PSTAT Bluetooth-enabled device.

PSTAT | Pocket Electrochemistry
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